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If it was easy Everyone would do it!

Route Du Rhum Destination Guadeloupe 2022 – The first week……..

If it was easy, everyone would do it, but so far, the Route Du Rhum 2022 Destination Guadeloupe has been far from easy for the Oliver Heer Ocean Racing team, that has seen a bounty of challenges thrown their way since the start of the 2022 edition, including a delayed race start, a collision, an electrical fire on board, damage to the mainsail, failure of main computer and a battle with the Biscay.

But, despite everything, things are finally settling down, the worst of the weather challenges have passed and the race to Guadeloupe is on. Ollie is now 1700 nautical miles behind the leader Charlie Dalin on Apivia, but despite the gap, spirits are high.

Here is a summary of the adventure so far:

J1- Wednesday - Race start

- Collison with DMG Mori, just 2 hours after the start at the Cap Frehel Buoy

J2 – Thursday – Return St Malo

- Damage evaluation & emergency repairs take place in St Malo docks

J3 – Friday – Emergency Repairs

- Decision made to take the boat to Port La Foret to be lifted so repairs under the waterline can take place. IMOCA leaves on the 9.15am lock and race conditions are resumed where the engine was started.

J4 – Saturday – Port La Foret

- Arrival in Port La Foret, but tidal constraint until 5.30pm means boat gets lifted at 7pm where work starts overnight.

J5 – Sunday – Working through the night

- Work continues on the IMOCA and the team prepare for a 6am launch. Ollie takes time to review the building weather and spend a few hours ashore with family before the restart.

J6 – Monday – Racing Resumed

- Boat is launched and Ollie resumes racing mid morning, preparing for the fronts heading his away. Redress request sent to OC Sport.

J7 – Tuesday – 50 knots Across Biscay

- Battling with constant 50 knots in Biscay. No sleep, no food, main computer stops working, so replacement engaged. Worries about the constant slamming on the repair.

J8 – Wednesday – Finisterre Electrical Fire

- Front continues, and a small electrical fire that Ollie deals with swiftly. Over 50 knots repeatedly and storm gyb set for the night to round Finisterre. Finally, some sleep.

J9 – Thursday – Train ride south

- Heading South in 25 knots and sun is shining, small vertical rip in main sail to repair when sea state gets better but currently enjoying the ride….

“This past week has certainly been challenging for both myself and the team and it is definitely not the race I expected. It has taken all my mental and physical strength to get through the last few days, but I love what I am doing and know this is where I am supposed to be. Every challenge has a solution and every solution takes us a few miles closer to Guadeloupe and achieving our objective of finishing this race!”


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