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Port La Foret for final repairs

Just 36 hours after the start of the 12th edition of the Route Du Rhum Race – Destination Guadeloupe, Oliver Heer and his IMOCA 60 are now in full repair mode in the docks in ST Malo after sustaining significant damage to the boat.

Ollie had a great start on his non foiling 2007 IMOCA, settling down well for the 12-14 day journey ahead of him on his first solo transatlantic. But, as it often is in sailing, not everything always goes to plan.

Just after 5pm as Ollie was near the north buoy at the Cape Frehel Gate, with flood tide running hard he decided to hitch closer inland to avoid the tide and get better conditions. After tacking onto starboard, and trimming the sails, Ollie was about to pull the windward dagger board up, when there was a massive bang and he was thrown forward into the pit. The impact was a collision with Kojiro Shiraisihi’s DMG MORI who was on port.


“This was the last thing I expected, to be back in ST Malo. But here we are. I am thankful that both Koji and myself did not sustain any serious injury, but am sad that Koji has had to retire from the race. The support from the DMG MORI sailing team and the other IMOCA’s is incredible, and I am very optimistic that we will be back racing to Guadeloupe in a few days.”

Oliver Heer - Skipper


This morning Oliver will sail to Port la Foret in South Brittany, alone on board to remain compliant with race rules, where the boat will make a further stop and be lifted from the water to quickly make repairs below the waterline over the weekend. The OHOR team has been further reinforced overnight to help Ollie achieve his goal and get back out racing. Initial estimates are that three to four days of work are required to repair the damage to the hull and the bowsprit.

At this time the team would like to thank everyone for their support to help Ollie achieve their goal.

Oliver Heer Ocean Racing


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