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How To Follow the New York Vendee

Follow Ollie's location during the entire race using the online tracker and keep up to date with his story on our social media pages. In addition, the start of the race will be streamed on the race YouTube.

The New York Vendée is the final single-handed transatlantic crossing in the IMOCA Globe Series before the Vendee Globe circumnavigation.

There are 28 IMOCAs expected to take part in this 3500 nautical mile race which starts on Wednesday 29th May at 14:00 local time (7pm UK, 20h CET).

Unusually, the start line is over 100 nautical miles offshore, which could take skippers anywhere between 12-18 hours depending on tides and wind. Motoring at this stage could leave skippers without any fuel later in the race.

6 teams are based in Newport and most are planning to leave at lunchtime the day before (Tuesday 28th) in order to be sure of making the start line in time.

The start is far offshore for helicopters or film crews, so the start coverage will be provided directly from the boats. This will be collated and streamed live on YouTube.


You can also follow the entire race on the website race tracker.

Position updates are every 5-15 minutes at the start and finish, and hourly for the main race.

Of course, you can also follow Ollie's adventures with daily updates on our facebook and instagram pages.


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