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Next stop Guadeloupe

Route Du Rhum Destination Guadeloupe 2022 – The second week…….

When the team signed up for the Route du Rhum it was always seen as a 12-14 day race that could suit a non foiling boat. But here we are starting day 17 and still sailing. The big news this week is that the International Jury granted Ollie a 84 hours redress after the collision with DMG-MORI on the start day. It is the equivalent to the 3.5 days he was in Saint Malo and Port La Foret completing the bowsprit and hull repair.

Now Ollie is in a race against the clock to cross the finish line before the time limit expires for the Vendee Globe qualification cut off which is the winners time plus 50%.

The difficulties of the week have tested Ollie's mental strength, and although tired, he remains determined to fight to finish the Route du Rhum -Destination Guadeloupe race, his first solo transatlantic race aboard his IMOCA.

Here is a quick summary of the second week on board the IMOCA:

J10 – Friday Nov. 18 - Approaching the Azores

- The Downwind sailing begins as Ollie takes “the train ride south” moving all the sails and spares to the back of the boat is a big transition in sailing modes but one which ollie handled well.

J11 – Saturday Nov. 19 – Approaching Madeira

- Trying to navigate a difficult weather system saw ollie in a less than ideal 13 knots of wind, trying to avoid the large system of high pressure which was chasing him he had to dive south which saw him lose miles in comparison to other boats further ahead in different weather patterns.

J12 – Sunday Nov. 20 – Extra crew member on board

- An extra crew member was found onboard! Ollie revealed a life size cardboard figure of friend and fellow skipper Alan Roura. With “company onboard” spirits were lifted and we received some humorous updates of the adventures of Alan.

J13 – Monday Nov. 21 – Full speed sailing

- With the wind increasing and the sea state getting stronger and steadier, it was time once again to push the boat and start making those lost miles back up. This was a tense time for ollie onboard as it was the first time the bowsprit had been fully loaded since the emergency repairs had taken place. But with maximum sail area up the boat powered up and the miles began to tumble away.

J14 – Tuesday Nov. 22 – The jury’s decision

- The international jury granted Ollie with a 84 hours redress after the collision with DMG-MORI on the start day. The great news confirms that Ollie and the team should have enough time left to qualify for the Vendée Globe.

J15 – Wednesday Nov. 23 – Fickle Autopilot

- The Autopilot malfunctioning made for an interesting moment as the boat made a 90° angle turn out of nowhere. This caused a large broach with the top of the mast and cockpit mostly submerged in the water, Ollie managed to right the boat, tidy and secure everything and carry on racing within a few hours.

J16 – Thursday Nov. 24– Qualification in mind

- Ollie undertook a change from big mast head spinnaker for a smaller gennaker as the wind increased to 25 knots. This was not an easy decision, it was a calculated and considered decision that created less risk to Ollie and the boat but with less sail area would slow him down, but still allow him to arrive in time for qualifying.

J17 – Friday Nov. 25 – 1000nm to go !

- Expected Arrival : 29 Nov. 4 days and 1000 nm to go !

“ With still 1000 miles to go I am remaining focused and know the finish is in sight. I feel that I have been tested both mentally and physically on this race but I am still loving every single minute of this adventure. I am also learning so much about the boat and starting to trust her. We are becoming a good team. Not of this would be possible without my amazing colleagues, the partners, supporters and my family and friends. I can’t wait to see everybody and have a rum or two ashore so for me it’s all about “Next stop Guadeloupe!”


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