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Oliver Heer & HQAM Launch Sustainable Investment Product

Oliver Heer Ocean Racing and HQAM are joining forces to launch a sustainable investment product - the HQAM x OHOR Sustainable Quality Portfolio to support the Oliver Heer Ocean Racing team.

Oliver Heer, a successful and established offshore sailor together with his Oliver Heer Ocean Racing Team (OHOR) is pleased to announce a new and ground-breaking partnership with Hérens Quality Asset Management AG (HQAM), which is a leading Swiss asset manager for Quality investments.

In the form of a strategic collaboration, they are jointly launching an innovative investment product, which on one hand supports the OHOR team and on the other - represents an attractive and sustainable investment solution for investors. The HQAM x OHOR Sustainable Quality Portfolio focuses on quality companies that demonstrate exceptional business and financial characteristics as well as actively contribute to a "greener" and more sustainable future.

The partnership with HQAM allows Oliver Heer to reconcile his personal mission: success in sail racing with a simultaneous focus on environmental protection. OHOR has made a conscious commitment to sustainable offshore sailing and is working towards CO2 neutrality. As part of their Vendée Globe campaign, the team is extremely passionate and committed to protecting the oceans and its diverse creatures. This includes, supported by the Swiss Polar Institute, collecting and analyzing various ocean data on board the ship during the Vendée Globe Regatta. 

HQAM, one of the pioneers in international quality investments, has developed the HQAM x OHOR Sustainable Quality Certificate, an innovative financial product specifically designed to support OHOR, as well as focus on sustainability in line with OHOR's campaign. 

The partnership between OHOR and HQAM makes it possible to finance elite sports through sustainable investing. The financial resources generated directly support the growth of the OHOR team and its training, as well as the participation campaign for the Vendée Globe. It also provides investors with an attractive opportunity to generate performance while actively making a positive impact on the environment.


Oliver Heer expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying:

"We are delighted to be working with HQAM to launch this new sustainable Quality investment product. Through this collaboration, we aim to create a sustainable financing model that supports our racing activities while raising awareness for ocean conservation. We believe that by working together, we can achieve remarkable success on the water and make a lasting difference in protecting our planet's precious marine ecosystems."


HQAM Managing Partner Diego Föllmi expressed similar thoughts, saying:

"Our partnership with Oliver Heer and OHOR embodies our commitment to sustainability and responsible investing in Quality companies. We are proud to offer investors the opportunity to support a world-class Ocean Racing team while driving positive change. By investing specifically in Quality companies that operate sustainably, we can actively contribute to a cleaner, healthier future for our oceans."

The equity certificate created as part of this collaboration will be available to retail and institutional investors. Investors can expect full transparency and the assurance that their funds will be used directly to support the team's sustainable racing activities.

OHOR and HQAM invite interested investors to join them in their mission to combine elite sports with sustainable quality investments. Together, they strive to set a new benchmark in the world of ocean racing and make a lasting impact on ocean conservation.


For detailed information about the HQAM x OHOR Sustainable Quality Portfolio and to register your interest, please visit: 

About Oliver Heer Ocean Racing

Oliver Heer Ocean Racing is a team that combines elite sport with a deep commitment to sustainability. Led by a visionary sailor Oliver Heer, the team strives to push the boundaries of ocean racing and raise awareness for marine conservation. For more information, visit 

For media inquiries and more information, please contact:

Sharon Hayward

Head of Communications

About HQAM 

HQAM is a pioneer in international Quality Investments and has a long-standing track record for sustainable Quality Investments. HQAM is also a signatory to the UN PRI Initiative, committing to positive change through responsible investing. With the launch of the HQAM x OHOR Sustainable Quality Portfolio certificate, HQAM aims to provide investment opportunities that align financial goals with environmental and social objectives. For more information, visit

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Diego Föllmi

Managing Partner

043 222 31 41


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