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Setting Sail for a challenging 2023 Season

The Oliver Heer Ocean Racing team is geared up and ready for an exciting and challenging 2023 Imoca Globe series. After months of intense preparation, the team has bid farewell to their homeport in Port la Foret and is sailing to the UK for intensive training ahead of the highly anticipated 2023 Fastnet Race. With a jam-packed race calendar including the Defi Azimut, Transat Jaques Vabre, and Retour a la Base, the team is eager to make their mark on the sailing world once again.

Overcoming Challenges

The team has faced its fair share of obstacles, with the most significant being a major bow repair following a collision during the Route du Rhum in 2022. However, they persevered and used the setback as an opportunity to strengthen the boat. Extensive repairs were carried out this spring, including a full electronics upgrade and a meticulous rig service, ensuring that the vessel is in optimal condition for the upcoming races.

Training and Preparation:

The Oliver Heer Ocean Racing team is thrilled to be back on the water, honing their skills and fine-tuning their strategies. The training in the UK will provide them with invaluable experience and exposure to varied sailing conditions, enhancing their adaptability and resilience. The Fastnet Race, known for its demanding offshore course, will serve as the perfect test of their readiness for the challenges that lie ahead for the rest of the season.

Race Calendar

The team's year-long race calendar is packed with thrilling events that will push them to their limits. The Defi Azimut in Lorient will showcase the new co-skipper,  and set the stage for their participation in the highly competitive TJV race. This double-handed race from Le Havre to Martinique promises intense competition and the opportunity to showcase their teamwork and navigation skills.


The Oliver Heer Ocean Racing team's journey to the UK for training marks a significant milestone in their pursuit of sailing excellence. With their boat fully repaired and upgraded, the Swiss German team is prepared to take on the challenges of the 2023 Imoca Globe series, and as they set sail once again, their determination, perseverance, and unwavering spirit will undoubtedly be on full display. 


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