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An Insight into Burgerstein Vitamine

Updated: Jan 25

Burgerstein Vitamine are a premium partner of team Oliver Heer Ocean Racing – here we take a behind the scenes look at who they are.

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Burgerstein Vitamine are a premium partner of team Oliver Heer Ocean Racing

Burgerstein Vitamine are a leading provider of micro-nutrients in Switzerland. They were established in 1972 by Dr Lothar Burgerstein after his own positive experience with micronutrients after a car accident. He recognised the advantages and health benefits of correctly dosed vitamins and nutrients and later opened a medical practice dedicated to ‘ortho-molecular’ medicine and published a textbook, the ‘Healing Effects of Nutrients’ based on his research and analysis.

The Swiss family business is today run by the founder’s grand-daughter and is headquartered in Rapperswil, Switzerland with a secondary site in Vienna, Austria.

Today there are over 80 products in their portfolio which includes vitamins, minerals, trace elements, secondary plant substances and probiotics. All products are manufactured to a recipe based on scientific findings using ingredients of the highest quality and purity.

Burgerstein Vitamine sponsor a number of top Swiss athletes, including Oliver Heer, with the goal of helping to create the best possible conditions for the athlete to achieve their top performance.

Which Products Does Ollie Take?

Ollie takes several products, each carefully selected for its properties and suitability for his lifestyle and challenges.

Aminovital. This product supports energy metabolism and concentration, helping to prevent fatigue and boost the immune system. It contains a mixture of amino-acids and other carefully selected ingredients including Taurine, Vitamin B6 and B12 as well as trace elements of magnesium and zinc.

ImmunVital. Containing Vitamin C plus a combination of other trace elements, ImmuVital helps ensure the body’s immune system is fully powered up.

Brain-PS. Designed to support fitness of the brain, this product contains Phosphatidylserine which helps regulate the release of neurotransmitters, which supports brain function and helps prevent against a decline in cognitive function.

L-Lysine. Ollie specifically takes this product to help reduce the formation of cold sores when he is tired or stressed.

Sport. It’s no surprise that Ollie has the Sport supplement! This product helps support the increased energy metabolism of athletes with a selection of anti-oxidants and essential vitamins.

Why Does Ollie Take These?

Whilst supplements are not a substitute for a healthy diet, they are an effective way for Ollie to ensure he is getting the optimum dose of the various micro-nutrients that his body most needs to perform at his best.

In particular, whilst racing there is no time (or facilities) to prepare meals on-board and fresh food can only last a short time, so Ollie depends on high-energy pre-packed meals. In rough weather or challenging conditions requiring a lot of attention, it isn’t unusual for sailors to rely on snack or ‘grab-food’ for several days.

This is vital to ensuring a good race performance but is hard on the body. By ensuring his body is at peak health and fitness means Ollie can tolerate these tough periods better, with less impact on his health.

Does Ollie take all these supplements whilst sailing?

To support Ollie in reaching his optimum health, Burgerstein Vitamine have created a unique blend of personalised micro-nutrients specifically for Ollie. When he is racing, he can take a single supplement dose which contains the perfect balance of vitamins, amino-acids, and trace elements for his specific biology. This will be especially vital during the Vendee Globe race when Ollie will need to maintain his health and fitness for almost three months without a break.

Does he actually take them, and do they work?

Yes, he does – but one of his New Year’s Resolutions is to makes sure he takes them more regularly!

Do I feel different when I take these supplements? Well, it is hard to say for sure as there are so many other life factors. But I can tell you, that when I don’t take them, I have noticed that I feel more sluggish and seem to pick up more colds. So do I believe that they work? Yes I do! And I am extremely grateful to Burgerstein Vitamine for their support in helping me attain my best health which helps me race competitively.


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